Success in social media is to foster the engagement and commitment of the client

Marketers have learned that being on social networks not to get followers in huge qualities, but to cultivate a community of brand loyal followers. In short, focus on quality rather than quantity.

The study published in August by ExactTarget indicated that 38% of marketers are particularly concerned about promoting engagement with their fans on Facebook, along with 43% who did the same on Twitter.

When it comes to establishing the objectives of a social media strategy, 77% of these marketing professionals bet on their activity on Facebook to increase awareness of the brand and its visibility for the target audience.One purpose is also present in 70% of those who use Twitter. A goal also set by priority by 55% of participants in the study Ascend2, which was released in November.

Success in social media is to foster the engagement and commitment of the clientThe next goal is to lead users to the page of the brand (55%), along with the ability to make him client, or increase the exposure time to the mark;pursues as 44% of marketers focused on Facebook.

Results orientation is more evident than ever. 1 out of 3 marketers working on its strategy of Social Media to get leads and sell (26%, in the case of Facebook, and 19, if we talk about Twitter). If we look at the data Ascend2, this objective concern to 43% of marketers.

Last but not least important, 22% of these professionals seeks to provide customer service through these social channels. Although a small percentage of marketers publicly serves its customers through social networks (27% on Twitter and 34% in Facebook), 60% of them does support its effectiveness. 2.0 The customer is still an area that should be improved.

Among the most effective to achieve the objectives described above techniques, 70% marketers strive to add social buttons and widgets, both on the web and in the actions of e-mail marketing. A technique that approximately 40% considered effective. According to the study, the actions recorded better results are those that occur as a result of regular quality content (67%), along with the incentive based on rewards and free product samples (70%) or openly answer on Facebook about user requests (69%).

Social networks enable direct communication with the client and any other means, and an activity that is the basis of engagement, and loyalty necessary step. Marketers are already fully aware of focusing on quality of followers compared to the amount, although they must still worry about promoting a quality relationship with them, which allows build trust and close the gap.

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