Social media for small or large companies

Social networking is not the same as Social Media. This may seem obvious but if you look unbundled concept we find “Social” as a synonym of sharing and “Media”, closely related to art of creating and interacting in the digital environment. And so precisely as it should be analyzed the efficiency of Social Media for brands today.

Different goals, different actions

It is necessary to note that, while SMEs put the focus on identifying opportunities, increased visibility and building synergies to increase the influence, for big brands, reputation, quality customer service and active listening, they are the essential objectives of the strategies in Social Media.

Social media for small or large companiesSMEs meet the target audience, the starting point

Local businesses have to identify your target audience’s main ally of its strategy in Social media, only knowing your target achieved strategize marketing of high-impact content that allows them to grow their communities endowing them visibility and increase the channels through which to develop their brand.

For SMEs, mobile marketing, social media and SEO are the most efficient triangle on the road to the influence.

Big brands essentially the reputation management

However an established brand, is primarily aimed at the implementation of a strategy in Social Media, reputation management, quality customer service and active listening. The key for large companies is to provide the added value that allows the conversion of its customers, integrating them as an indivisible part of the brand.

We have many examples Starbucks, Coca Cola or Disney, whose strategies are impeccable and are under study, as required references for all brands looking to consolidate the social fabric … keys?

  • Twitter, dialogue, interaction and constant monitoring of what is said of the brand.
  • Facebook active and updated communities loyalty strategies that encourage more connected users and channel suggestions for inviting customers to present their ideas to improve the service provided by the brand.
  • YouTube, video penetration undisputed element of the mobile Web content, makes this an indispensable channel loyalty.Visibility and (local and global) positioning are its main strengths.
  • Crowdsourcing with our network , essential for innovation and backbone of added value and brand differentiators. Encourage users to be an active part of new ideas, not just as part of the strategy and loyalty but primarily as one of the most innovative ways to build mutual benefit based on active communities.Promoting and forming alliances with which everyone benefits.

Conclusions, the benefits of Social Media; large, small and micro enterprises, the key is the willingness to grow.

Confidence, cost reduction, consumer experience and dialogue are both small businesses and large companies, the main strengths that brands get their interactions in Social Media,

not less And finally a look … one of the great beneficiaries of the potential underlying the Social Media are microbusinesses which arise as a result of the continuous interaction between brands and their customers, resulting in horizontal growth of the network.

This is one of the keys to Social Media Today; learn, discuss, modify and innovate, to finally grow from local to global. Opportunities arising from the creative and demanding established links between consumers increasingly prepared, informed, with brands that have begun to mature structural change to the new production model faces.

And as a final tip … it is important to note whether a microdensitometer starts, as if we talk about increasing sales channels for SMEs or incorporate loyal users as the core of the growth of a company already consolidated,

The brand is no longer exclusively the company and is in dialogue where the customer’s voice becomes relevant, transforming it into a shared ownership between companies and consolidated customers, loyal and very active.

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