Instant videos on the Visual Social Media Marketing

Since its inception, the Visual Social Media Marketing has been used in various ways and with clear positive results as part of strategies to meet goals established engagement, among others. While not yet been theorized enough about the Social Visual Media and strategies implemented by companies are usually short-term, there is always a clear intention explorative inquire about their benefits.

The most important tools of Visual Social Media are Pinterest and Instagram with its ease of viralizar images and impact the target audience, but in less than a year have been other platforms like Vine, Twitter, and videos from Instagram laying on the mat again, the importance of content quick, concise and in real time. 

Social Media Ideas Designer Desk Architectural Tools Office ConceptLong videos vs Instant Videos

Each time, due to saturation of content, media files short term are those with more impact. If we analyze Youtube, we find the average video that lasts for 2 to 3 minutes, and there is a tendency to be increasingly compact.This is not to say that Youtube is not attractive, of course it is; just that there are other platforms that are providing short video which shows only the transcendental information needs to be transmitted.

Instant video occurring in Instagram and Vine are well received for its ease of production, ie, just enough to have a smartphone to record short scenes, edit them in our teams and spread them in our social networks. So simple, that’s the big attraction.

What happens with other video platforms is the complexity of the spread, as to display a content have to edit material for hours in a specialized software, then render it and finally upload it on the web. These are processes that now millennials are unwilling to perform.

Significantly , the smartphone can record videos and upload directly to Youtube, but this process has not been fully accepted by the consumer, because there are other proposals for more striking as the known value of Instagram filters and effects loops Vine.

Benefits of Instant Videos 

  • Real – time recording. 
    If you are in front of something amazing or important, so just take your smartphone and record what happened, you can share in afew seconds this event on social networks. Ease of how everyday life events can now be easy, compared to 5 years ago spread.
  • Quick Edit
    Vine and Instagram have, on their own platforms, ease of editing the videos that we recorded in real time. Depending on the which of the two is chosen, a unique dynamism will be awarded in the presentation of visual material.
  • Virality
    After the video editing, the content is automatically uploaded on the platforms listed and, depending on its appeal, they can be shared easily and quickly. Sure, it is your responsibility to make a significant or relevant video.


Instant Videos are a great opportunity for marketing. What will happen from now on it will depend on the policies of the platforms mentioned, but especially the user using these tools; because its use behavior will be the key point of the success of each platform. At the moment, Vine is being used as a platform to explore human and Instagram creativity, due to its active community and technical characteristics, it is overhanging the videos with longer duration, stabilization images and attractive filters.

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