Customer service through social networks is a basic aspect

If you still are not convinced of the benefits that Social Media can offer your company and the importance that can have interactions in Social Media, I think the data that will share will make you see things differently. Social networks and mobile devices have led to a society of hyper communication, and this need to know to profit brands.

I find very interesting the results of a report  prepared by INITEC. This is a recent study of 800 people through an online survey and analyzing the influence of digital marketing consumers.

Customer service through social networks is a basic aspectIn this study we find really interesting information such as that 2 out of 3 users take into account the social recommendations from other users before making a purchase. 66% of consumers consider when purchasing a product, the opinion of other users is quite important or very important.

Another interesting data reveals that 38% of respondents use social networks to consult the opinions of other users before concluding the purchase. Blogs are a source of reference quite used with 31%, and specialized portals with 59%.

The study also provides another set of data and conclusions.

  • Social networks used for this purpose have been Facebook with 73%, 59% Twitter and Linkedin with 52%.
  • 65% of consumers will make a purchase after being treated in social networks.
  • Customer service through social networks is a basic aspect to work much as it is a tremendous opportunity loyalty.

In addition to this, the importance of adapting the web to smartphones and tablets as something that is becoming critical because 67% of respondents consider the tablet as a good support to shop stands.

It is also essential to use content with information relevant to the user and the use of attractive images is also very important. 68% of respondents negatively see companies only share corporate content. On the other hand I do not recommend too much unnecessary updates.

Finally, we must not forget how social networks allow us a more personal interaction and a satisfied customer is the best evangelizer of your brand. It also allows us to know what your needs, that concepts have your brand or product, what would be the recommendations it to your company.

Do not you think enough data to go changing the chip? What are you waiting for to humanize your company?

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