Working all hours

Are you the type of person who doesn’t need much sleep and think lying in bed is boring and a waste of your life? Yes, those people do exist. If so, then maybe a career with unsociable hours would suit you, especially if you’re a  night owl who only wakes up when the sun’s gone down. Some workers have to get used to the alarm clock going off at very strange times, don’t get much sleep at all and also have a stressful and high pressure job. Here we’ll take a look at some of the most sleep deprived jobs.

Taxi drivers have to be up late at night to drive us all home after a crazy night out and even holidays like Christmas and New Year still see high demand for transportation when people have had a few too many sherries. If you’re not on the late shift, then maybe you’ll be up at the crack of dawn, possibly doing an early morning airport run. You’ll have to be good at re-energising as you can do several of these a day if required. For Taxi Chester, visit

Hospital staff get a pretty raw deal and are best known for working extremely long hours. Paramedics have to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, along with nurses and doctors as emergency departments never sleep. 12 hour shifts are often worked during unsocial hours and some junior doctors are working well over 48 hours a week. Front line NHS staff work very hard, under tough conditions and if you like the sound of the action, seeing sunsets and sunrises, then this could be the ideal profession for you.

Working all hours

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Police officers and firefighters are also used to seeing all hours while on shift. They work long and unsociable hours as crime and fire don’t pay much attention to the time. Think you could save lives with a confused body clock? These jobs will never be 9-5 as someone always has to be on call.

And spare a thought for your binmen/women who have to rise at stupid o’clock just to relieve you of your garbage. They are up long before anyone is awake so as to clear the bins before traffic increases and staying for as long as it takes to complete the route. As if that’s not tough enough, they then have to lug heavy bins in all weather conditions and with very little thanks too.

Investment brokers and bankers might not get much of your sympathy but financial markets, like emergency services, never sleep. Some of these workers might not even make it home, working home and clocking in at the crack of dawn. Some have been known to work 70 hours a week or more. Whilst it’s a nice paycheck, when do they have time to spend it?

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