WordPress on a par with Adobe in enterprise CMS market

A recent international study has found that WordPress is on a par with Adobe Experience Manager in the enterprise CMS market.

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The study, which was conducted by Manifesto and WP Engine, discovered that WordPress is an extremely popular platform for both individuals and businesses. The research team, which looked at over 300 businesses and companies across the UK and the US, found that over half (61 per cent) of the companies had at least 3,000 employees and were using WordPress just as much as they were using Adobe Experience Manager.

How many people use WordPress?

This is not too surprising; after all, there are around 74,652,825 websites that are powered by WordPress, which shows its sheer popularity. This is because WordPress offers a wide range of services for free; if you choose to spend a little money, you will be provided with a selection of beautiful and useful web designs. This is ideal for businesses with minimal WordPress knowledge, although many of these businesses still hire professional web designers to help ensure their website is unique and functional.

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Companies embracing WordPress and Adobe

Lots of businesses and companies are clearly aware of the benefits of using WordPress; in fact, many of the companies are using multiple CMS websites. This is because multiple CMS can benefit a business in various ways; for example, it makes it easier for companies to provide a range of resources and means they can provide a superior digital experience for their users.

The study found that over half the respondents have multiple CMSs; most of the time, the decision to have two or more CMSs is made at an executive level. This shows that the decision is a strategic one, helping the company to provide more services for its customers.

The most popular CMSs at the moment are Adobe and WordPress. Adobe is slightly more popular, with 60 per cent of businesses using this platform; however, WordPress is just a fraction behind Adobe, with 57 per cent of businesses using this platform. The third most popular option is Sitecore CMS; however, this is much less popular, with only 22 per cent of businesses using this platform.

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