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It seems that the world of makeup is constantly expanding, with new products being created every day. With such a selection on offer, the choice facing you can be overwhelming. Your makeup bag may end up loaded with dozens of items that you do not really need.

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Even if you prefer just one manufacturer, they are still likely to have multiples of every product. Benefit Cosmetics, for instance, has dozens of options available. Even reading through reviews and pages of advice can be hard. Here is a simpler way to consider the essentials.


Unless you plan to never take a drink, it is easy to lose lipstick as you go about your day to day life. With just two stripes of colour, you can make yourself feel better and more confident, as well as making a statement for anyone watching. It is up to you how striking or neutral you choose to be.

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This is what keeps your skin radiant. A sheer base allows you to look natural and makeup-free whilst keeping your face smooth and flawless. It is even easy to apply and blend. If you cannot quite get your skin to look how you want, you may want to add a touch of concealer over the foundation.


Your foundation may be light, but you will want a more heavy duty concealer to accompany it. Be selective with where you apply it, and use just the lightest touch of the brush and then the fingertips. Hydrating options are available if you have dry skin.


For a touch of colour, a quick dab of blusher is all you need to bring your face to life. It will bring a warm, healthy look to your cheeks. Benefit cosmetics is just one of the brands that offer a whole range of blush products.

Eye shadow

Eye shadow is quite a simple product, but it can have a dramatic effect. Again, it is up to you whether you want something neutral or more striking. Either way, all you need to do is wipe it gently over the eyelids.


When it comes to the eyes, mascara is the most essential product. It will make eyes look brighter and more open. Apply lots of layers closely but carefully to really bring your eyes to life.

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