Why we need to have paint.

Paint is very important. It is the first thing that we created as humans to record our lives on Cave walls using pigments. However, painting has gone beyond simple decoration. It also plays an essential role in protecting surfaces from weathering and halting the onset of rust. The application of paint, especially when it is in our own homes is very important. You want it to look perfect on the wall. Therefore it’s a good idea to call on some Painters Cheltenham way like http://jsdecorating.co.uk/. They will ensure that the colour that you want is right and that the application is perfect.

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The first uses of paint date back to the paleolithic times. Early humans understood that they could use charcoal and oxides to put images on the cave walls. They wanted to record how they lived and, luckily for us, the paintings survived the eons of time. The next civilisation to use paint in a formal way is the Egyptians. We can see early representations of hieroglyphics and decorative scenes. They understood the concept of applying an undercoat of white first to give the wall a skin.

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As industry developed humans began to use paint to protect metal and wood. We began to mix the pigments we have found with oil and lead. This made the paint resistant to chipping and fading. Even now modern paints offer more than decoration.

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