Why silicone is a miracle.

In the past the quest for a modern bathroom was beset by issues. As beautiful as porcelain basins and tiles are they do not fit together well enough to stop water from leaking in between the cracks and causing unpleasant circumstances like mold and mildew. When you start to see the tell tale signs of black deposits it is time to switch over to some new silicone, the miracle material that enables such units to be used.

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Silicone is the flexible filler that seals the gaps and cracks in porcelain units and the edge so sinks and baths. Yes, grouting is used to get the tiles on the wall and to bond together but when you get to where water could pool and collect it becomes redundant. This is because grouting will stain and is porous, meaning that water can soak through it or become damp.

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Silicone repels water. It is non porous meaning that it is the perfect material as water cannot get through it no matter how hard it tries. However it can degrade slowly over time and start to retract from the edges of the units. This will allow the water to get in and react causing possible fungal growth. As a result you need to change it and this is where Silicone sealant remover comes in. You have to get rid of all the silicone as any remnants will continue to cause issues. Once it’s gone you can start to replace it.

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