Why laughter actually is the best medicine

Have you ever burst into laughter when in a tense situation? Or have you felt more content and alive after watching a hilarious film/movie? The saying ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ has been around for years and there are a number of reasons why laughter really is good for you.

Why laughter actually is the best medicine

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Laugh and the world laughs with you

Mirror neurons have been identified as the reason that you smile and laugh when someone else does. Laughing makes you feel good, while sharing laughter with friends and loved ones really does bring you closer together.

Relaxation aid

Your muscles contract when you laugh, increasing the flow of blood through your body; in turn, this stimulates your heart and your lungs and releases feel-good hormones, including endorphins, in your brain.

Immunity booster

According to a 2008 study at Indiana State University, laughter can potentially increase the production of natural killer cells, leading to an improvement in the immune system.

Laughter helps tackle depression

Research backs up the theory that laughter helps us to get out of the negative thought patterns caused by depression. Being alone with our unhappy thoughts can make it harder to escape the depression; by stepping outside our usual routine, spending time with others and experiencing the humour of others, we can change how we look at our own world. Laughing also releases chemicals in our brain that help us to feel better.

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Tips to bring more laughter to your life:

– Schedule a comedy night once a week, watching either a funny film or a DVD of your favourite comedian.
– Socialise with funny people. Try to ensure that you have funny people around you.
– Learn to laugh at yourself. Self-deprecation is a valued quality and taking yourself less seriously reduces pressure.
– If you hear a great joke or one-liner, make a note of it and keep it in reserve to make yourself chuckle when you need a boost or want to boost the mood of a friend.
– Visit a specialist comedy club for an evening of laughs at a reasonable price.

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