Why experts believe you should buy the cheapest wine available in restaurants

You may not want to look like a cheapskate in front of your friends; however, many wine experts will tell you that choosing the cheapest wine on the list is no bad thing.

Why experts believe you should buy the cheapest wine available in restaurants

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Massive mark-up

It has been suggested by some restaurant and wine critics that diners should opt for the house wine in protest over the high mark-ups. It is a well-known fact that restaurants add a large amount onto wines that are distinctly average in a bid to boost profits.

Part of a wine waiter’s job is to steer diners towards the higher-end wines; however, many do not know enough about them, especially when the list is long. Restaurateurs know that clients do not want to look appear miserly by ordering the cheapest wine on the list and will often steer you towards the second cheapest; however, there is almost certainly not a lot of difference in quality and taste.

You may want to consider saving your pennies and only buying expensive wines from shops or online wine merchants to enjoy at home or when dining with friends. There are many wine merchants in Northern Ireland with a wide and varied selection, such as http://thewinecompanyni.com/.


Some wine connoisseurs and sommeliers suffer from a degree of snobbery when it comes to wine lists and would never dream of buying the cheapest bottle; however, diners should not be intimidated and believe everything they read or are told by those who claim to be in the know.

Extensive wine lists can be complicated; in addition, a lot of what has been said about various wines by critics has no basis. According to the critic Jay Rayner, you should go for the cheapest bottle if a wine list is annoying you.

If you are unsure which wine to choose, there is no harm in opting for the cheapest. This is bound to still be a reasonable drink, even if it means annoying the waiter. Ask the waiter which of the cheaper wines is the best and don’t be put off if they look shocked or tell you they wouldn’t recommend it.

Stick to what you know and buy a wine you are familiar with, as you will enjoy it and can compare the price on the menu with the price you usually pay.

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