Why book a villa for your next holiday?

If you’ve never holidayed in a villa before, 2018 could be the year to try it for the first time. There are many benefits to renting your very ow private villa and here are just some of them:

  1. Privacy

If you’ve had enough of busy swimming pools and the dawn rush just to bag a sun lounger, then you might prefer somewhere a little quieter and more private. Hiring a villa means that just you and your family or friends can do what you want, when you want in the privacy of your own home from home. Choosing a villa with a pool also means no more fighting for a sun bed and a guaranteed dip whenever you feel like it!

  1. Comfort

You can completely relax in a villa, knowing that it’s your own space. You’ll have much more room to spread out than in a cramped hotel room, which is especially important when you’re travelling with children. Your kids won’t feel confined to a hotel room and you can eat breakfast in your pyjamas if you wish! No more having to get the whole family dressed before you even visit the restaurant for breakfast. For Holiday Villas in Turkey, visit http://kas4villarentals.com/kas-villas/

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  1. You can have service

If you’re concerned that a villa means you’ll end up cooking and cleaning, then fear not as you can hire as many services as you like with most villas. You’ll still be able to have a maid service and can tailor any other services you require with additional things like chefs, butlers and a concierge. In fact, often the personalisation of the service is a lot more than you will find with a large hotel chain.

  1. Value

You might think that hiring a private villa won’t be economical compared to offers from hotels. Surprisingly, there is money to be saved when comparing a luxury hotel price tag to a luxury villa, especially when you can spread the cost with a group of you. It certainly becomes more economical when you compare the cost of a large villa with multiple hotel room bookings.

  1. Eat flexibly

One of the additional benefits of hiring a villa is the ability to eat what and when you want. You are not beholden to the serving times of the restaurant or the hotel menu. This can be particularly useful if any of your group have specific dietary needs. It can also be a lot of fun to visit local stores and choose fresh, local produce for making delicious homemade meals. Even if you just use your kitchen to make a cup of tea whenever you fancy one, you don’t have to cook. Villas are often in close proximity to many local restaurants and bars, giving you more of an opportunity to enjoy regional cuisine more than you would in a hotel restaurant.


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