Which £25 Fragrance Is Outselling Paco Rabanne and Dior?

Your perfume can reveal a lot about you. Whether you choose your scent to match your mood, the occasion or just because of the big name brand on the bottle, it can give away a hint of your personality. Each year, a handful of fragrances become popular to the point of selling out, and this year it’s not the Dior or Hugo Boss scents. Surprisingly, Babe Power from Missguided is the new hot fragrance.

Which £25 Fragrance Is Outselling Paco Rabanne and Dior

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With even the President of the United States releasing a fragrance, it’s no wonder that high street brands are attempting to break into the market, with women’s online fashion retailer Missguided seemingly hitting the mother lode. Retailing at £26 for an 80ml bottle, it sells at half the price of other best selling fragrances yet is still the quickest-selling women’s fragrance of the year so far.

What’s the Appeal?

Compared to elegant names such as Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million, Dior’s J’adore and Armani’s Diamonds, Babe Power doesn’t quite seem to be in the same league. On the contrary, with the cultural revitalisation of strong women becoming increasingly popular, the fragrance has encapsulated the thoughts of thousands of women across the country. Its tagline promises “to give you a boost of power so you can slay all day”, which builds on the recent feminist revival.

Rather than being presented in a dainty glass bottle, Babe Power comes in a rose gold bottle that looks just like a drinks can – a celebration of its modernity. It is fruity with hints of grapefruit and sour cherry, and there is even a touch of candy floss, a smell which is quite the opposite to some of the luxury perfumes.

Which £25 Fragrance Is Outselling Paco Rabanne and Dior2

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The Next Step

With many retailers using scent marketing, such as the services offered by http://moodmedia.co.uk/scent-marketing-for-business/, it’s seems like a natural progression for stores to create and release their own brand of fragrance. With Babe Power coming out on top in the best-seller lists, this might give other retailers the push they need to follow in their footsteps.

Not only does the success of Babe Power create added pressure on big name fragrance brands, it also shows their smaller counterparts what good branding, social awareness and a modern touch can create. Whether they have as much of an impact remains to be seen.

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