Where in the world?

The ability to move around the country you live in and even the world has become much easier over the last few years with many people moving for work, family or even to fulfil a life long dream.

If you are local then Alex Clark Glos and TGRES can help with all your Gloucester sales and lettings needs. But for now lets take a look at some of the top places in the world to live.

Norway – Every year a word happiness report is produced and Norway is top of the list. This reports looks at overall happiness and takes into consideration life expectancy, freedom to make life choices and domestic product per capita to come to an overall ranking for countries. I am sure that the beautiful landscape and surroundings of the country also have something to do with this happiness rating.

Finland – another Scandinavian country high on list although this time it is for the clean air that they breath. An Environmental Study Index is created each year of the places with the cleanest air quality and Finland ranks amongst some of the highest countries in the survey.

Sweden – a third Scandinavian country in the list. Sweden is thought to be the best country to bring up children in. It is a very family friendly country and free schooling, affordable childcare and long periods of parental leave are amongst some of the things on offer to Swedish families.

French Polynesia – If it is beautiful beaches that you are searching for then French Polynesia is the place to go. With almost white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water every year more and more visitors are attracted to the area for their holidays and it is becoming a popular destination for couples on their honeymoon.

Image Credit http://south-seas-adventures.com/destinations/french-polynesia

New Zealand – If you are outdoors person and enjoy the mixture of landscape and adventure then New Zealand is the place to go. With its rugged landscape and rolling mountains this is a destination for those who enjoy everything from canoeing to bungy jumping, climbing and biking.

Brazil – If you aren’t a fan of the gloomy weather and you are looking for year round sunshine than there is no better place than Brazil live. As it have a tropical and sub-tropical climate it is an area of the world that never seems to get cold. Almost on the opposite end of the scale compared to our very unpredictable and sometimes chill British weather.

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So there are just a few of the options available to you if you are looking for either a destination outside of the United Kingdom to move to permanently or maybe even just for a holiday.

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