When Thomas the Tank Engine gets scary.

Most of the engines in Thomas the Tank engine are affable fellas and ladies that work very hard at being really useful. However there is one character that is not very nice. He is manipulative, angry, occasionally violent and seems determined to get rid of every steam engine on Sodor’s already crowded rail system. This is the nasty Diesel 10. Most of the Diesel engines are the bad guys but Diesel 10 is the out right Leader, mainly because he has a grabber on his roof called “pinchy”. Grab lorries are incredibly useful for many building constructions and you should look to a Grab Lorry Hire Gloucester based firm rather than this naughty Diesel Engine.

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It is never fully explained why Diesel 10 has such a problem with the Steamies. He goes about threatening them at every opportunity and it’s quite a surprise he’s allowed to stay on Sodor. Maybe he has something over the Fat Controller. Perhaps some financial irregularities regarding expenses being diverted into Lady Hatt’s account.

The Reverend W Awdry was certainly not a fan of them as they are all a pretty disreputable bunch. He was a lover of steam from a young boy being totally taken with them and the romance of the Great Western Railway.

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As for Diesel 10 he has fallen from a bridge into manure, been cast out and forced to work long hours in quarries and bank sides until he could prove himself. It still didn’t work out for him especially when he tried to convince Percy to give them Tidworth Sheds and that Thomas wasn’t Percy’s friend anymore. In short, the Fat Controller lost it with him.

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