Green eye of jealousy? What should you wear

Green is very much ‘on trend’ this season, and whether it is your favourite colour or a colour you have never worn before, now is the time to start thinking green!

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As with most colours, green is not a single colour and ranges from khaki green and army green right up to a more yellowy lime green, with lots of other shades in between. This means that green can be worn as part of an outfit that blends in with other shades or as a bold solid colour making you stand out from the crowd. You could pair some nice Farah Shirts in a variety of complimentary colours with a dark green suit.

If you are not convinced green is your colour, try some green accessories. A green velvet bag in the winter or a light green t-shirt in the summer can make you look fashionable and stylish, and don’t forget the jewellery. Large hooped earrings or pendants can finish off any look.


Green is the colour of nature and therefore is perfect whatever the time of year and whatever the weather, although a green summer dress is easier to find and wear than green shoes or a bright green coat!


Green is a great colour to pair with, as it goes with almost every other colour. A green summer dress can look great with a denim jacket or a cable knit green jumper with a knee-length skirt. If you don’t want to wear solid green, wear it in prints. Large printed leaves are very fashionable this season and can be found on everything from bikinis to dresses and are also perfect festival wear. The number of festivals is growing year on year, and the best this year, according to the Guardian, can be seen here:

Shoes and Tights

Nude and natural-coloured shoes and tights look great with green and can be paired with matching handbags, wide-brimmed sun hats and bold statement sunglasses.


Look out for other colours that go well with green such as yellows, oranges and reds, and if these aren’t your colours, you can’t go wrong with white for a sophisticated and fresh look.

Green is considered a vintage colour, and anything vintage is cool, so be brave, be bold and go green this season.

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