What to do if you breakdown with a horse box

Most people don’t believe it will happen to them, but it’s an annoying fact of life that most people will suffer their vehicle breaking down at some point in their lifetime. Breaking down with a horse box can mean additional stress, especially when it comes to the welfare of animals. The following are some handy tips of actions to take if you break down with your horse box:

  1. Stop in a safe place

If possible, try to get your vehicle to a safe place. This means using the hard shoulder on a motorway, keeping as close as possible to the left verge for safety. On normal roads, stopping near the verge will suffice, as well as making sure the vehicle is kept away from the crest of a hill or any blind bends.

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  1. Warn others

Switch on your hazard warning lights. If you are in a precarious position in relation to other traffic, inform the police and the Highways Agency via 999/112

If safe to do so, position a hazard triangle or a flashing light on the side of the road, and behind your vehicle at a distance of 45m. If you are parked on the road near a bend, a warning needs to be positioned before the bend to warn oncoming traffic.

  1. Personal and passenger safety

Anyone stuck on a road is in a hazardous position at risk from other vehicles. Where possible, the police advise that drivers must exit the car and wait at the nearest verge. The doors on the same side as the road should not be opened or used to get in or out. Be aware of safety and possible hazards, put on any reflective clothing that you have to hand.

  1. Contact your breakdown service

Try to determine your location first. Look for the marker post or one of the new Driver Location Signs. If you hold a membership for Equine Rescue, contact the emergency number on your details from that company. Alternatively, contact Car Recovery Swindon at a site like ND Services, a top Car Recovery Swindon business.

  1. Keep your horse comfortable

When breaking down on the motorway, safety must be the top consideration and it’s vital to find a secure location where it’s safe to wait away from your vehicle.

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As you wait for the arrival of the breakdown recovery, ensure your horses are comfortable and have access to hay and water. Additional supplies of both water and hay should always be carried in the case of breakdown or delays during your trip. You must make sure there is plenty of good ventilation the whole time and additional covers for the horses to stay warm in cold weather. Never be tempted to get the horses out of the horse box.

When travelling in a truck, stay with your horse if possible. If you’re in a trailer, then open up the groom door, providing it is far from traffic and safe to do so.

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