What Style Kitchen is the one for you?

A kitchen is possibly the most important room in the home – with open plan living becoming more popular, the kitchen is the room that meals are not only cooked in, but also shared with family, as well as for entertaining guests. So, it is little wonder that people are in pursuit of the perfect kitchen, and that kitchen extensions are on the rise as people want to be able to fit more of their lives into one room.

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When it comes to choosing the style of kitchen that is right for you however it is all down to personal taste, as well as what fits in with the general aesthetics of your home. If you are stuck, consult a professional such as this kitchens Swindon based company. Here is a basic guide to some of the styles of popular kitchens…

Country Style – If you yearn for the rural feel and cosy, farmhouse living, this is probably right up your alley. Whether your home is older or a new build, done well this can look stunning in either. Think wooden cabinets, floral prints and a big pine table for the family to gather around.

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Minimalist Style – Minimalist kitchens are not for people who like to have a lot of clutter and things on display, but if you like clean lines and a tidy and orderly environment a minimalist design could for you.

Urban Style – Think exposed brickwork, pipes on display painted in silver, red or black and an industrial feel to it and you have an urban style kitchen. This style has been increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in trendy city apartments.



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