What is ‘We the Curious’? And Why You Should Make it Your Next Trip

Bristol is home to many amazing attractions in the City including ‘We The Curious’, an interactive Science museum for all ages; it includes many fun and interactive stations that suit both adults and children. It is a great place for the little ones to learn about science, and to just really explore. ‘We The Curious’ is located on Anchor Road in Bristol, and is based in a large building that also includes a Planetarium to go ‘star gazing’. It’s a close distance to many other sites in Bristol – here are some more Bristol sites that you will not want to miss. If you want to create your own science exhibitions in your home, but need some more space, then why not consider utilising your garage if you are lucky enough to have one.  If you have issues with your garage door then there are plenty of Garage Door Repair Bristol companies who can help.  They can help fit strong and sturdy doors to your garage space.

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‘We The Curious’ is located in the main part of Bristol which makes it easier to locate, and it also includes a gift shop and a cafe too. There are many amazing educational exhibitions for you and your children, so it will be sure to keep your little ones busy.

Animate it 

This exhibition allows you and your little ones to become real-life animators; it has plenty of animation stations with cameras and props to create ‘stop motion’ animation videos, and it also has many more interactive animation activities. Animated characters such as ‘Wallace and Grommit’, and even ‘Morph’ can be seen in the exhibition.

Space Gallery 

This exhibition includes many interactive activities that help your children to learn about space and planets; its exhibits include seeing yourself as an astronaut in a spaceport and being able to see cosmic ray trails. It even has a planetarium show for you and the kids to enjoy; here you have to wear special 3D glasses that allow you to see the planets in 3D, and it also includes many other different effects. A science expert talks you through the different stars, planets, and constellations, so you will not want to miss this.


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Flight Zone 

The Flight Zone allows you to learn about the difference between ‘flying and falling’; there are lots of fun interactive activities in this exhibit such as the flying globe that is blown in the air, seeing how planes land, and a station where you can drop miniature parachutes. This exhibit really encourages fun and learning. 

The Tinkering Space 

This exhibition is for the more younger audience to show their creative side and to make different things; you can make a flying model to test out on the air table, and you can use the shadow box activity display to tell your own story. This is great for all of the aspiring inventors that like to make and create.

Move It 

This exhibit allows you to learn about how water moves through canal machinery; it has giant water wheels that allow the water to move. You can even run on a human-sized hamster wheel to get the wheels moving – what fun!

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