What is the role of a mechanical contractor?

A mechanical contractor and his team are essential to the overall success of a construction process. The industry is so complex today that the mechanical contract may well be largest single element in a new or reconstruction build.

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Mechanical engineers are responsible for the initial design and installation of all heating and air conditioning as well as ventilation systems within a building. They will also take charge of hot and cold water delivery, above-ground drainage and gas supplies. They must liaise with other speciality contractors such as electrical engineers, steel erectors and any other first fix contractors.

In the UK, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers provides a number of membership options for apprentices, students and experienced engineers.

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Whether developers are looking for simple or complex energy solutions via their mechanical services contract, there are many alternatives around the country. When searching for construction companies Manchester and other major cities offer options online at sites such as Piggott and Whitfield are a construction company in Manchester.

Once a development project has been identified, there will be a number of specialist services that will need to be addressed, and one of these will be the role of the mechanical contractor. Finding the appropriate company involves ensuring they have the contractors and engineers able to design, build and provide a continuous service of the devices and processes involved during the construction.

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Regardless of the size of the project, mechanical contractors will be a key appointment. They must display expertise covering the creation of the project and ensuring that the finished construction is fit for purpose. Essentially, any part of the process that involves the installation of mechanical parts will require a qualified mechanical contractor, and their job will cover the preparation of ongoing maintenance services.

The temperature inside a building designed as a workplace involves compliance with health and safety at work legislation in the UK. Although there are no legal minimum or maximum temperatures, the law requires employers to maintain temperatures at a comfortable level and provide clean and fresh air. Mechanical contractors will ensure they have installed the best method to meet the client’s needs. Increasingly, the greenest option as well as the most cost-effective will be taken into consideration.

The contractor will also take on a supervisory role where sub-contractors are involved.

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