What do you use a Spiral duct for.

Ducts are extremely important. If you want air to make its way successfully around your building or you want liquids to flow properly then you need the help of a galvanised Spiral Duct. The thing about spiral ducts is that you see them all the time. They are usually quite happy carrying on above your heads with their important jobs. They do such a good job of it that you’ll probably not even notice them at all.

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A spiral duct is an extremely strong form of tubing that is made in the following way. First a sheet of galvanised steel is taken and rolled into a tube depending on the diameter of the duct size that you want.  It connects to the next piece by a process called bead and crimp. The crimping part allows for further changes to the diameter of the duct. The sections lock together clipping each part completely tight.

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The final stage is to secure the sections together and to seal it on to the source of the air system with sheet metal screws. Tape is also added to make sure that there is no chance of any air leakage.

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