Web design with a Rockstar

Bryan Adams, the Canadian crooner, has been a very successful singer songwriter for decades but did you know that he actually spent most of the 1960’s growing up in Reading? His father was in the armed forces and the family followed him on his UK posting.

Web design with a Rockstar

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Now let’s imagine that Mr Adams never picked up a guitar but instead had become an IT professional. If he was now running his own business doing web design in Reading, maybe all those wonderful songs would have manifested in other ways. For example:

“I thought I’d seen everything” – Bryan was instead inspired by witnessing some truly awful website designs that made him want to change things for the better. He saw sites with too many colours, the text was small and there was flashing writing on black backgrounds! Information was scattered all over the place and the navigation took you nowhere. There were pointless animations and logos that were unclickable.

“Please forgive me” – when it comes to the digital world, there are no chances to ask for forgiveness. If your website is not clear, efficient and user friendly then customers will not hang around and there will be no second chances.

“Run to you” – you want customers flocking to you because your website is regularly updated with latest news info and giveaways. A website that has not updated for over a year, for example, will leave visitors wondering if you are even still in business. A site that is well maintained and current is reassuring and shows that the business values communication with it’s customers.

“Back to you” – a website that offers simplicity, is well organised and intuitively navigable will have customers returning every time they need your services.

“Don’t give up” – if at first you don’t succeed then keep at it because your online presence matters greatly in this digital era. Hire a professional web design service, tell them what you need and let them help to create a tailor-made, professional site for your business needs. For more information, visit http://www.starwebbinnovations.co.uk/

“Everything I do, I do it for you” – should be your motto when you think about your customers. When thinking about designing a site, have a search around online and see what matters to you when you visit a site. Is it credible? Is it accessible on different devices? Is it a conventional design? It might be a good idea to get some user feedback and testing before launching your new site so that any last minute adjustments can be made.

“The Best of me” – definitely put your best foot forward first. Don’t force the visitor to search through a mountain of information in order to find out what you do. Be clear and honest about the products or services you offer. It is far better to explain the value behind what you do rather than provide your family history.

“Here I am” and “I’m ready” – so you have completed and launched your new look website, now you need the traffic. Think about Search engine optimization and regularly updating some of the content on your site. Social media is also a platform that should not be overlooked as millions of people use Facebook everyday. Create videos about your product and post them to YouTube. You might even consider writing a blog with a link to your website included. Retargeting is another method that places a tracking cookie on your visitor’s computer. When they leave your site they will see ads inviting them to return. This is a powerful tool as 98% of traffic will leave without completing an action.

Web design with a Rockstar2

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