Ways we can fight climate change

We’ve all heard about climate change on the news. Climate change is a fundamental threat to the earth, all species and livelihoods that we all need to work to protect. To respond to this crisis, we must immediately reduce carbon pollution and make sure we are ready for the possible effects of global warming, some of which we have already started to experience. So, what can we as individuals do in our everyday lives to fight climate change?

Make a Climate Change Pledge

We can start with small, easy steps like sharing car journeys to work or use public transport more to help reduce our carbon footprint. For lowering our footprint even more and to better prepare for climate change, we can also make a pledge to do one or more of the following:

Contact your local MP

Contact your local MP and him or her to support future climate legislation.

Write a letter to one of your elected representatives at the local or national level telling them why you think that climate change issues should be seriously considered; and that you support the development and implementation of climate action plans to reduce emissions and prepare for climate change impacts.

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Do some research and find out more about your carbon emissions. Thankfully, there is a lot that you can do to reduce your household carbon emissions. Find out more about your emissions and where you can best reduce them by using the online “carbon calculator.”

Make good use of waste. As well as recycling and re-using, there are small changes we can make in our daily lives, such as making biofuel from waste, for example. This can be done effectively with woodchips and wood shavings in Briquetting Machines. Find out more at a site like https://iwmachines.co.uk/en/products/briquetting-machines

Commute by sharing vehicles or using public transport. More than a quarter of vehicle-miles travelled are for commuting to and from work-usually with just a sole occupant in the vehicle. Carpooling and public transport use is one option that offers a major reduction in carbon emissions.

Plan and combine trips. A lot of driving involves going somewhere nearby, to go shopping or running errands, for example. Plan and combine trips to reduce the miles you need to travel. Better yet, bring someone with you so that they can leave their cars. You could consider trading in your old vehicle for one with better mileage or even better, an electric vehicle.

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Drive more efficiently. In particular, observe the speed limit and avoid accelerating too fast and hard braking. Do not drive aggressively as this uses up more fuel.

Switch to “green power.” Turning to electricity generated by renewable sources with little or no emissions of carbon dioxide is a great way to fight climate change. Speak to the company who provides your gas and electricity to find out more about the different green power options available to you.

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