Ways to make yourself look and feel younger

Want to look younger? Don’t we all. There are so many ideas put forward for looking ever more youthful but here are some that you can put into effect straight away without needing to re-mortgage your home or go to extreme lengths:

Add an extra pillow to your bed

Did you know that when you sleep, gravity makes fluid pool around your lower eyelids as the skin there is more elastic? This is what gives you the puffy-eyed look when you’re tired. Avoid bags under your eyes by placing an extra pillow under your head at night. Chilling a spoon also works well and they’re just the right shape for placing over your eyes for ten minutes to reduce puffiness. Sleep with an extra pillow.


We all know we should exercise but here’s even more of an incentive. Physical activity makes us more alert. Scientific studies have shown that when monkeys run on treadmills, they grow more blood vessels supplying the brain with oxygen-rich blood. Just one bout of exercise fills the brain with endorphins and makes you mentally sharper.

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Adopt better posture

As we grow older, our spines compact and we naturally form a reflexive hunch. To alleviate this, it’s important to remain flexible throughout your adult life and adopt a better posture wherever you can by keeping your spine straight.

Fish for wrinkles

Sounds like a fair exchange, right? Seriously though, eating fish is perfect for keeping your skin looking fresh and young. Fish that rich in omega-3 fatty acids are best, like tuna, salmon and trout. If you don’t like fish, other foods that provide omega-3 include cauliflower, beans, spinach and broccoli. These superfoods work by stopping the production of the chemical that causes skin to wrinkle prematurely. If the thought of these foods leaves you cold, there’s always Botox Gloucester with doctorkate.co.uk/gloucestershire-botox-treatments

Go to bed earlier

Did you know that by going to bed an hour earlier than you normally do gives you the energy equivalent of 2 cups of coffee the following day? If you usually manage less than 6 hours of sleep a night, this can affect your performance as if you had low levels of alcohol in your blood stream!

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Take a cat nap

NASA completed a study that found a 25-minute nap increased alertness by 54% and performance by 34%. Even grabbing a quick 10-minute snooze can help to aid learning and memory. What more of an excuse do you need for taking a little afternoon shut-eye?

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