Victorian Christmas

Are you stressed over the new toys and gadgets on the ‘must have’ gift lists? Do you have an army of visitors coming over? Or maybe you just wish you could go back to when Christmas was just about family and fun? Why not try some of these Victorian gift ideas to make Christmas a little more of a family event and not just about the latest iPhone?

Christmas Dinner – The main part of a family Victorian Christmas has to be the dinner. Victorian specialities include Christmas Pudding – check out Essex Chef Jamie Oliver’s recipe – it’s amazing. If you are looking for Essex Kitchen Furniture to go with your perfect Christmas cooking, check out If you want a change from turkey, try a roast goose which was a very popular choice for Victorians.

Decorations – The Victorians really knew how to decorate – go and visit Chatsworth House  around Christmas time to see some real luxury. When it comes to a tree real is best. Decorate with pretty bows and traditional style ornaments. You could collect seasonal plants, like holly to create your own individual style decorations for the table, try holly and intertwined around candles to create pretty centrepieces, and maybe decorate a mantelpiece with a large array of plants, arranged how you like them. Of course, don’t forget the mistletoe!

Victorian Christmas

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Carol Singers – Carols were very popular in Victorian times, so why not forget all the shopping and silliness and go and watch a carol concert? There are plenty on all over the country so you should be able to find one near you. Check out your local paper or the internet to find one you like the sound of. If you have children at school, the school may be putting one on.

Christmas Crafts – How about making some Christmas Cards? It is a great way to involve children with Christmas too. Try a pretty lace design, to stick with the Victorian theme. It doesn’t need to be complicated, try a simple lace border around a picture for example, or maybe use the lace as a template and paint different festive colours around it. You could also have a go at cross stich card – they look amazing and the person that you send them too will really treasure a handmade card.

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