Use Recycled Materials to Create Christmas Decorations

Whether you are a Christmas fanatic or a bit of a Scrooge, it is hard to not get those merry feelings once the Christmas tree goes up. Making your tree and home look fabulous is all part of the fun. However, if you have been holding on to the same decorations for years, you may be feeling like your go-to Christmas makeover needs a bit of a refresh.

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With all the expenses that Christmas brings, paying out for fancy decorations can add an extra strain, but luckily you can cut out the middle man by using recycled materials. Making your own decorations adds a personal touch while helping you to save the environment. Surely it does not get much more festive than that. You could create some great items for your christmas gathering whatever the size. If you provide christmas parties to customers you could decorate the bar that you could get from Barlok at their website or decorate your event room.

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are often beautifully designed and can make decorations with a personal meaning. Looking back at your Christmas card decorations in a few years could bring back some wonderful memories. They can simply be cut and folded into baubles or tied to string for festive bunting. You do not even need to limit yourself to Christmas cards. All kinds of cards or even junk mail and paper can be transformed into good decorations.

Recycle a Reindeer

Christmas decorations do not get much cuter than Santa’s flying friends themselves. A home-made reindeer looks charming while being eco-friendly – something Santa would definitely approve of. There are various ways in which you can make Rudolph and company, but ideas include using twigs with corks or toilet rolls. It takes a bit of extra finesse and care to execute these decorations, but they are definitely worth it.

Christmas Fabrics

Using Christmas fabrics is a genius method of adding some timeless charisma to your decorations. There are plenty of modern and traditional fabrics available for you to transform into bunting, Christmas stockings and napkins, among other creations.

Scrabble Decorations

Scrabble is a classic Christmas game, and you can make some winning combinations by mixing the letters up to create an attractive decoration. If you have a Scrabble box that is missing letters, an effective way of using up the remaining trays and letters can be to glue and tie them on as tree decorations.

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