US restaurant chain creates pizza bouquets

Weddings were once very traditional and predictable affairs, from the church service to the large white princess-style gowns worn by the bride and the matching satin dresses of the bridesmaids. More recently, however, weddings have become much more individual, with couples adding their own personal touches to everything from the venue to the speeches.

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Where once only the male members of the wedding party got to have their say, women are now taking to the floor and making their own speeches. With the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, speaking at her own wedding reception, this new trend is sure to become even more popular.

Edible bouquets

More unusual trends introduced into a couple’s nuptials include edible bouquets made out of pizza! An Italian restaurant chain in the US ran a limited promotion that involved rolling a traditional pepperoni pizza and then skilfully designing it to replicate a bunch of flowers. Many pizza-loving couples that received the pizza bouquet used social media to show off their unusual accessory; not surprisingly, it received a mixed response! Many pizza-loving fans praised the innovation, while others were not so impressed and felt it was not the most romantic of gestures on such a special day.

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One tradition that shows no sign of changing is employing a professional photographer to make sure the day’s most precious moments can be revisited by the bride and groom for years to come. Professionals such as Kent wedding photographer are experts at capturing the occasion, from the bride and bridesmaids getting ready to the last dance. This is a departure from the traditional photo album.


Since the Marriage Act of 1994 was introduced, couples wishing to make their day unique can choose to have their service performed at unusual venues and even choose a theme. Some of the more outlandish wedding services that have hit the headlines include couples getting married in a zoo, on a theme park ride, and on the iconic London Eye Ferris wheel that overlooks the Thames.

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most special days of their life and making it unique will ensure it is remembered for years to come. From unusual invitations to keepsakes for the guests, there are many ways to make it truly special.

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