Understanding the Role of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland

Orthodontists specialise in treating misaligned teeth and jaws, also known as malocclusion or ‘bad bite’. A specialist branch of dentistry, orthodontics uses braces and other corrective appliances to encourage the jaws and teeth to properly align. The main aim is to improve the function and appearance of the teeth and jaw and of accrues, to produce a more attractive smile.

Understanding the Role of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland

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Orthodontists are dentists who have undertaken additional specialist training in orthodontics. They are qualified to diagnose and treat alignment problems of the teeth and jaws, as well as to prevent issues. In Ireland, practising Orthodontists must:

– Have completed five years of study full-time at University to achieve a Bachelors degree in Dentistry.
– Complete an additional three years training on a full time specialist training course, approved by the Dental Council.
– Be registered with the Irish Dental Council as a Specialist in Orthodontics.

Orthodontics is one of two recognised specialities within dentistry. Orthodontic problems can occur as a result of many factors and as such, only a specialist orthodontist is in a position to determine the cause and subsequently, most appropriate treatment, for these. Orthodontic treatment can be carried out at almost any age, from young children of eight or nine years, to adults.

The Orthodontic Society of Ireland (OSI)

The Orthodontic Society of Ireland (OSI) represents most Orthodontists in Ireland. Through research and education, the professional body serves to promote best practice throughout the industry.

Orthodontic Society members are specialist orthodontists and dentists who are qualified to practice in Ireland. The OSI provides many benefits to its members, including on-going training, professional networking, advice and information.

The Orthodontic Society of Ireland also allows patients to find a trusted Orthodontic provider and offers case studies, advice and other information to help them find the most appropriate treatment.

OSI Membership

Those searching for an orthodontist or dentist in Dublin or elsewhere should choose an OSI member, such as dentists at practices like http://www.docklandsdental.ie and others.

The OSI plays an important role for Orthodontists in Ireland, as well as for those seeking treatment. They outline the latest news and events, including updates on industry regulation. All members of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland members must be recognised by the Dental Council of Ireland as specialist orthodontists.

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