Try these trending ways to incorporate colour into your web design

There is no doubt that using the right colours could really make your website standout, captivate your audience and certainly improve user experience. Every year we see colours being used in different ways. Some colour trends have been around for a while and some are making a return. Let’s have a look at some of the currently trending ways to incorporate colour into your web design.

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1. Background colour

Use a full background colour to really make a statement. Designers often choose white or off-white backgrounds. But designs are now looking bolder as light pastel shades are becoming popular, as are very bright, bold colours. However, a bright background will not work for every website and its successful use will be dependent on the overall design, the types of fonts used and the other content on the site.

2. Colour to highlight

Use different colours for different sections, all on top of a main (solid) background colour. The background and section colours must be complementary and of the same tone, such as pastel with pastel or neon with neon, for example. This way, the colours will not overshadow each other and will provide a professional, integrated look.

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3. A vibrant/saturated colour scheme

Designs are no longer bound to using ‘web safe’ colours. In fact, bold, vibrant colours have trended in web design in recent years and this looks set to continue in 2018. More vibrant, saturated colour combinations are starting to be used, which bring life and vibrancy to a website.

4. Colour gradients

Use of different colour gradients is really making a comeback. Gradient use, which began with web 2.0, is also being coupled with vibrant colours to make daring statements. The multi-tone effect of gradients adds depth and really makes the website stand out. This colour scheme can be used to create connections between users and an idea or a specific product. Using a professional design company, such as Lincolnshire web design (, could help you to achieve the perfect colour balance.

5. Pastel colours

Pastel colours such as mint, sage green tints, sandy pinks, and light blues are currently trending in both the fashion world and for web design: they are often being used to create negative space. Pastels allow for clean page designs and are perfect for breaking up white spaces.

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