Top suggestions for better mobile-friendly web design

Many internet users utilise their mobiles rather than laptop or desktop computers; in fact, Google recently announced that it receives more search queries from mobiles than desktops. As a result, the most popular websites are optimised so that they can easily be viewed on mobiles.

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If you own a business whether this is a Car Leasing Gloucestershire company such as or a jewellery company , you must make sure that your website has a mobile-friendly design; if not, your outreach will shrink and you may lose potential customers.

Here are three ways to make your website more mobile friendly:

Research your competitors

One of the first things you should do is look at the mobile websites of your competitors. Take the time to travel around their website to see what they are offering their customers and make a note of any special features or layout designs.

According to Happy Creative, one of the main benefits of market research is that it measures your reputation. Checking out competitors will give you a good idea of where your own company ranks. It will also give you some ideas for your own mobile website!

The main reason you should research your competitors is because it will teach you more about what your users want to see on their screens. This useful insight will make it much easier for you to create a mobile website that your users like.

Research mobile design trends

One popular mobile design trend is minimalism. As mobile screens are so small, web designers do not want to crowd the space, which may make the website seem busy and overwhelming. Instead, they focus on white space and simple designs.

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Another popular design trend is the ‘hamburger’ menu, which looks like three horizontal lines. This menu expands when the user clicks on it, but it is small and mostly off-screen when they are not using it. This is useful, as the menu is not crowding the screen.

Make sure your website is usable

The most important part of a mobile website is usability. Check out your website on a mobile phone – is it difficult to navigate around the screen? Do you have to zoom in or out to see things? If so, you may need to improve your mobile website’s usability.

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