Top dos and don’ts when buying football boots

Whether you just like to have a kick about once in a while or you’re part of a league, having a good pair of football boots is essential. With so many to choose from, how can you tell if the ones you’re looking at are good enough? Here are some tips for buying the perfect boots for you.

Top dos and don’ts when buying football boots

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Do buy based on your playing surface

It sounds simple, but it’s important to invest in a pair of boots that are made for your playing surface. If you’re going to be playing outdoors in all weather, look for metal studded boots that can be adjusted. Playing on AstroTurf means studs are out and textured soles are in; if you predominantly play indoors, ensure you go for boots that don’t mark the surface.

Don’t ignore the shape of your feet

The benefit of having such a big range to choose from is that you can now purchase a pair of boots that are designed to fit your feet well. Go for a cushioning boot if you have a high arch with weight held on the outside of the foot. A motion control boot works well if you are flatfooted and place weight on the inside of the foot. If you have a normal arch in your foot, a stability boot will be the best one to choose.

Do look around

Although seeing boots firsthand is always nice, there isn’t always a great selection in high street shops. Don’t be afraid to look online. You can find a much larger range on websites such as If you’re looking for full football training kits, these sites often have everything in one place.

Top dos and don’ts when buying football boots2

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Don’t be tempted by endorsements

Most footballers wear the same boots each week. Although it is tempting to go for the boots your favourite player wears, they might not be the best for you. Do your research and find your perfect pair rather than those that footballers often promote.

Do buy wisely

Although buying a cheap pair of boots will save you money, it will do nothing to support your feet and will be likely to break easily. It’s worth spending that little bit extra on a decent pair that will withstand wear and tear and help keep you protected.

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