Top cleaning accessories and products you should have in your home

We clean our homes most days and sometimes the products we use aren’t the best for the job at hand.   As you get older you come across products that are better and more reliable and you start finding ways to get quicker and more efficient.  Here are a few products we have come across that will make your life easier.

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The first product we want to mention is a microfiber cloth as they are not only a time saver but reasonably priced, reusable and can soak up to eight times their weight.  They are great for most areas and you could even assign different colours for different rooms in the home.  After using them just simply put them in the washing machine and then hang them out to dry and it’s ready to use again.

Vacuum cleaner – There are several different types of vacuum on the market but whichever one you choose they are essential to have in any home.   Some people go for small, lightweight and a long lead so it’s easy to handle.  The only trouble with this is they fill up really quickly and need emptying all the time.   There are large vacuums that have great suction, can hold a lot of dirt and also have long leads. These are often great for downstairs use but as soon as you take them upstairs it’s a nightmare.  So in summary, a lot of people are opting for medium sized, wirefree rechargeable hand held devices that are great for every area, lightweight and great suction.

Dust pan and brush – You will want a strong, long handled sweeping brush with a deep collecting pan.  The brush should have thick bristles to catch everything on the floor and even be able to remove items that are a little more tricky.  Also when you go to empty the pan it should be easy to turn it and drop the rubbish in the bin.  There is nothing worse than having the long handle hit you.

Steam mop – A steam mop is a really good idea and they normally come with an interchangeable cloth that is easy to use and washable.  They do what they say and heat up the water and release steam which normally will remove most stains and dirt from wood, vinyl and laminate.

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