Toilets Tokyo style. Prepare to be amazed.

When faced with a good old-fashioned British toilet we can expect a few standard things. First of all, you get a handle some loo roll and, if its a public loo something unpleasant to read on the back of the door or wall. It’s pretty standard fair even in the private home or a restaurant. Most people want to be in and out of there as soon as possible. Imagine then the shock of the first time entering the toilet of a Japanese establishment. What surprise do they have in store that will greatly confuse a westerner? If you need a toilet maintained by the way a trip to the website of the Washroom service provider Gloucestershire based company at might be in order. Lets us see what things await us in the Japanese toilet? Let’s be adventrious and find out.

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Japanese toilets are by their nature and reputation more sophisticate than our bog-standard ones. Using one is truly and experience. First off all you may not be faced with a sitting toilet at all. The Japanese favour a squatting approaching so it is possible you will come in to find what looks like urinal on the floor. Don’t be alarmed it is actually meant to be like that. You do indeed squat over the toilet and proceed to do your business. The Japanese believe that this action allows you to clear out more from the bowels and bladder than what we would consider to be the traditional method. They are much easier to clean, and you don’t use so much water. There is always a basin on hand to clean up you self-afterwards.

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The other toilet that you will face and the one that received the most attention is a neglected fact of the western world. There are issues with our rear hygiene where we rely too heavily on the use of toilet roll. This is not always the most effective sanitary response nor is the constant use of the loo roll good for the environment. This is true despite the rise in the use of ecological recycled loo roll from sustainable forests. This is the celebrate Japanese bidet toilet. The upshot of the toilet is that when you have completed your business the toilet releasomg a cooling after spray or jet to the area you have just used cleaning in a more hygienic and better way than simply rubbing alone. This effective treatment can catch you out though, the best rule of thumb is if it looks little like a space shop when you sit on it its very likely it is one. Best of luck.

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