Tips for choosing your first dance song

You would think that choosing a song for your first dance would be a simple task. However, once it becomes obvious just how many songs you could use, the decision-making process becomes a lot more complicated. It’s an important decision as this is the song that will define you as a couple for the rest of your lives together.

  1. Find a genre you both like

If you’re both into the same thing then great, but if not, you’ll need to meet somewhere in the middle. This means compromise so discuss a genre that you can both live with. Is there is a genre or artist that you love but think it won’t suit a wedding dance? Spend some time researching on the internet. Often you can find cover versions, collaborations with other artists or even instrumental versions of a song that can fit a wedding theme perfectly if the original song doesn’t seem quite right.

  1. Lyrics that match your relationship

Finding a song that seems like it was written for you both is the difference between a nice love song and ‘your’ love song. Did you start as just friends? Did you struggle hardship through the hardships of a long-distance relationship? Are you older and already have kids from previous relationships? Whatever your unique story, there’s a song that will speak to you both and resonate with your personal experiences. For a Wedding DJ Gloucestershire service, visit

  1. Make sure you can dance to it

You don’t need snazzy dance moves or a choreographed routine, but you do want to feel comfortable dancing to the song you choose. If you’re hiring a band, you have the option of choosing a song for the wonderful lyrics but having the band change the rhythm or tempo if you think it needs it.

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  1. It’s ok to be unconventional

Remember that your wedding is all about you as a couple and if swaying around the dancefloor to Celine Dion is just not you, then the moment will feel forced and uncomfortable. Do your thing, in whatever style suits you both. It’s your time to express yourselves and your relationship. For example, one couple who had survived a car crash together chose Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’. Whilst not a traditional first dance choice, it suited them perfectly and reflected their lives and relationship together.

  1. It’s ok to not have ‘a song’

You don’t have to have a song and you certainly don’t have to feel pressured into loving your first dance tune. If you choose one just to serve a purpose, then that’s fine. Who made up these rules anyway? Not all couples have one special song. You can’t avoid the traditional so if you can’t stand the thought of a schmoozy number and you’re more into headbanging then do it! It’s your day remember.

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