Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Many couples like to think that the most important thing about their marriage is that they have the people they love with them, their friends and family. Ultimately, that is the key, being able to take your vows and share the moment with the most important people in your lives, but choosing the right venue can ensure a magical day that is memorable for as long as you both shall live.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

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How Many Venues

It’s up to you whether you want a traditional church service and then a reception at another venue, or, as is becoming increasingly popular, having the marriage ceremony and the reception at the same place.

Whether you’re looking for a Venue to hire in Taunton like County Ground Taunton or further afield County Ground is one such place that offers a compelling single venue option; licensed to hold weddings, it means that you and your guests have exclusive use of a stunning location all day without having to worry about transport after the ceremony.

This sort of venue is dedicated to weddings and they’re a safe bet for getting the wedding you want: it’s what they do. That doesn’t mean you must have the same as the bride did last week, but if you want advice on any aspect, they’ll be happy to give it, and it usually means extra peace of mind. Try to find a local photographer for example will have experience of the venue, know the best places for photos, understands how the light falls at different spots depending on the time of day or year and so on.

Style or Theme

The first step is to discuss with your intended what sort of wedding you want. You might agree immediately, or it might take some time! Once you have some ideas, start a mood board and take it with you when you visit venues, and use it as a talking point to understand if they can help support your wishes.


Set a budget and stick to it! If money is one of the things couples fight over most of all, make sure you get your marriage off on the right foot! If you are set on one particular venue but don’t desperately want a summer wedding, you might find it considerably cheaper to book off season.


Think about all the people you want to invite, and those you have to invite for reasons of family diplomacy, then refer back to your budget to understand how many you can afford to invite. That will also help determine your venue.

For more tips on choosing the perfect place, consult Brides Magazine or wedding planners like You And Your Wedding

Whether you choose a spectacular country house or a simple registry office ceremony, remember that the really important thing is your commitment to your partner and the vows you make to each other, so make sure that element gets due consideration in your plans, too.

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