This Christmas be on Santa’s Nice List

Santa is making his list and checking it twice! If you want to be on Santa’s nice list this year, how about thinking of helping a local charity? Christmas is a hard time for many, and anything that you can give will be greatly appreciated, here is a few ideas for really getting into the Christmas spirit of giving and helping others this Christmas…

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Give the gift of time – Over Christmas it is a busy time for many, but charities still need help to continue with the work they do. If you can spare any time over the Christmas period it is worth a lot – think about homeless shelters and hospitals – both of these places are still vital on Christmas day and a small amount of your time could really make someone else’s Christmas. Time is more valuable than anything material that you can give. Crisis is a national homeless charity, visit their website, where you can volunteer to become a Christmas helper –

Give the gift of skills – If you are quite a creative person, how about making some Christmas cards to sell for a local charity? If you are good with a sewing machine, you could even make some pretty Christmas cushions to sell.  If you are a good cook, how about helping to organise a cake sale or coffee morning to raise money for a local charity. As it is Christmas time you could make gingerbread mince pies and Christmas cake which is all bound to go down very well!

Give the gift of warmth – If you want to help a homeless shelter then you could always hire a Cheltenham Boiler Service company from sites such as blu-fish to go and check their system to make sure it’s working to its full potential.  This way any one staying there for a few nights will get a warm night of the street.

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Give the gift of food – Food banks are becoming increasingly needed as people across the country struggle to make ends meet, and a great way to help people struggling a Christmas is to donate to a food bank. There are many families and elderly people who rely on these banks, just imagine the difference it would make to their Christmas if they could have a decent meal on Christmas day. Don’t forget animals – local animal shelters sadly end up taking in many more animals over the festive season, often unwanted gifts handed in by owners who cannot care for them who received them as a gift.

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