The wheel of digital marketing – what is it and what can it mean for you?

Anyone with an inkling of marketing knowledge will be aware that it is not a single subject. Marketing is made up of various elements that need to be carefully worked on simultaneously for the most effective results. All of these elements are incorporated in the wheel of digital marketing.

The wheel of digital marketing – what is it and what can it mean for you

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The wheel of digital marketing explained

Made up of various aspects, digital marketing can be better explained by showing these elements within a wheel. According to Business2Community, the wheel of digital marketing reflects the idea that all of these activities are interconnected, and you need everything at once.

This means you need to focus on various marketing aspects simultaneously. Because marketing elements are interconnected, concentrating on a single aspect in isolation will not give you the results you desire.

Managing the wheel

To effectively manage the wheel of digital marketing, start with a bit of each element and then build on it as you go along. There isn’t a particular place to start on the wheel, so getting stuck in with each element gives you the foundation to get going.

What makes up the wheel?

The wheel of digital marketing encompasses a variety of elements that every business should employ for successful strategies. If you don’t possess knowledge of any of these aspects, it is worth consulting experts such as, who offer web design in South Devon and elsewhere.

Having a presence on social media is a marketing tactic that no business can afford to ignore, so it’s no surprise to see it included within the wheel. Social media generates awareness and builds followers, but you need to target your platforms carefully for the most effective results.

Considered the most time-consuming aspect of the wheel, content marketing is the driving force behind your marketing campaigns and should form part of a regular publishing schedule.

Building lists and generating calls to action can be achieved through email marketing, but this requires careful construction of campaigns.

To achieve a high ranking, SEO is vital, and all the elements of the wheel, particularly content generation, can boost this function.

Analysing campaigns is essential for evaluating which strategies are working well and making tweaks accordingly.

Lead generation/sales and digital advertising and PPC are also considerations that make up the wheel of digital marketing.

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