The undiscovered world of a plumber’s tool bag.

A plumber’s working day is never the same as the one before. A Plumber services Dublin company will have a number of plumbers all out working on a variety of different jobs, from installations to repairs and maintenance and even emergency issues like blockages and burst pipes. With some many different jobs to do it isn’t any wonder that a plumber’s tool bag is full of many different pieces of equipment. Here is an idea of a couple of essential items that an average Plumber Dublin carries in their bag.

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Torch – working with blockages and other issues with deep dark pipes inevitably at some point will require the use of a torch and although most workmen can now utilise the torch on their mobile phone no-one wants to make a call into the office after dropping their phone into a pipe that has been blocked with who knows what.

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Bucket – when you are working with items that require water or carry water every day you very quickly learn the importance of having a bucket with you at all times. Whether this is to catch the water from a leak whilst you temporarily turn the water off to deal with the issue or to collect excess water that has built up in a system you will find the bucket to be one of the plumber’s best friends.

Plunger – this piece of equipment will see a lot use during its working life in a plumber’s tool bag and is probably most often used to rescue people from the ever-rising water of a block pipe, toilet, bath or shower. A task that none of us want to be trying to solve ourselves.

Keys – As a plumber often attending people’s homes in a water-based emergency of some description you would like to think that you will easily be able to gain access to any areas that you need. However, you will often find a stop cock key, gas meter key and radiator key in a plumber’s tool bag, as let’s face it they are often the things that we lose in a drawer somewhere in the kitchen.

Also, in their tool bag are numerous wrenchs, hacksaws, a pipe cutter and even a tool that can bend pipes. The plumbers tool bag really is an aladdins cave of gadgets and gismos to help with any maintenance or emergency situation they have been called to sort out.

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