The times when SEO may not be right for your business

There was a time when SEO was considered the holy grail of marketing. If you got that right, you automatically had a successful business. These days, experts are not so sure.

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For some businesses, SEO is not actually that helpful! Before you rush out and spend money on SEO services, perhaps you should find out if it will actually help your cash flow situation.

Here are some of the main reasons that SEO is not right for some businesses.

Businesses aimed at a small local market

According to the experts at Search Engine Journal, it may be better for you to spend your time and money building up engagement on popular social media platforms such as Instagram. This can be more successful than SEO for small businesses targeting local markets.

There is very strong competition

You may need a very special type of White Label SEO Services from a supplier such as if you are up against the SEO giants. If your budget is just a fraction of theirs, you will need some very innovative SEO research to help you compete.

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No one searches for your keywords

Is there any point in ranking #1 on Google for keywords that no one actually searches for? You will only succeed in bringing a small number of visitors to your site.

You need to keep an eye on this by tracking sales and determining how many of them were generated by SEO.

You haven’t got your website ready

Google will not automatically direct traffic to your site. You need to prove your worth first. You need to help the Google crawlers to establish that your website is relevant and authoritative. If it is old or set up badly, Google will not rank it. You can so some checks yourself. Are your URLs well-constructed? Are all your title tags present and well-written? Does your site have a mobile-friendly design? Do your pages support primary target keywords? Does the site load quickly?

Your service is very new or different

If you have a really exciting product, SEO is not your best marketing option. People will not be searching for your product because they do not know what it is.

Wait for people to become familiar with your product and build up a loyal following first.

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