The SEO journey: why mobile optimisation is increasingly important in travel

Mobile optimisation is one of the most important considerations of recent times for any online business. With more and more people using mobile devices to search online and make purchases, any business not yet mobile optimised risks losing out.

The SEO journey

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Mobile optimisation in the travel industry

Research has shown that businesses in the travel sector will particularly benefit if they are optimised for mobile use. According to Webcertain Group, mobile devices are increasingly being used by travellers researching holidays online; in fact, around 60% of travellers use a mobile device to research before making the booking on a computer.

With mobile optimisation making it easier for holidaymakers to research travel websites, being mobile optimised is also beneficial from an SEO point of view. Search engines will rank mobile-optimised sites more favourably, meaning they will be higher up the listings. In a competitive market, this is vital for any travel firm.

Future trends

It is not just for researching holidays that travel firms need to make sure they are mobile optimised, with a growing trend for consumers to book their holidays using a mobile device. According to Econsultancy, more than 30% of travel bookings by value made online will be made on mobile devices by 2017.

For travel firms not yet mobile optimised, this is the stark reality that will necessitate getting on the mobile bandwagon sooner rather than later, perhaps with the help of an expert SEO agency in Dublin or elsewhere such as


It seems that it is not enough for travel websites simply to be mobile optimised to stay ahead of the competition. Travel firms will increasingly need to make sure they personalise their websites via mobile devices so that consumers are more likely to feel inspired at the early stages of researching a holiday, which can then influence and increase the chances of them making a booking.

Interactive experiences

In addition to personalising the search experience, travel firms should engage consumers by making use of real-time and interactive experiences to enable the consumers to feel like they are actually in the destination or in the particular hotel room. By combining such features for mobile use, a travel firm maximises its SEO potential and can help to elevate its brand name over and above its rivals.

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