The Perfect Commercial Kitchen

If you’ve ever wanted to open your own restaurant, hotel or public house, you need to learn how to combine aesthetics and functionality in a commercial kitchen. Opening your own restaurant can be both exciting and intimidating. Here are some tips on how to best organise your kitchen for maximum efficiency.

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  • Plan your menu before you start. This will determine what equipment and preparation techniques you need.
  • It is important to make the most of your space. You will need enough space, whether it’s a small area or a larger one, for basic functions such as cooking, storing, preparing, and serving food. How much space you allocate to each area depends on the size of your operation and if you need to include space for dining.
  • It is also wise to choose the most cost-effective equipment. Most manufacturers offer energy-saving options, and reducing your operating costs should be a priority. The more energy-efficient equipment you use, the better it will be for your margins.
  • Plan the flow of your kitchen. The kitchen is a busy, stressful environment. Therefore, it’s important to make moving around as easy as possible for both you and your staff. Too much toing-and-froing in a large kitchen will slow food production. A small kitchen with lots of equipment can lead to accidents and injuries. Commercial kitchens must be designed to maximise efficiency and safety, as well as functionality.
  • Have a budget, and know how much you can spend. This should cover all of your equipment needs and allow you to meet all of the regulations regarding food safety and hygiene. When you need Commercial Cleaning Services Gloucestershire, consider a company like

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  • Do not forget your outside premises. Make sure deliveries have easy access. Create a separate area to store deliveries, so that the delivery staff do not need to enter food preparation areas.
  • It is common to underestimate the size of the space required for cleaning up. To ensure the success of your kitchen, you need to have the right space for waste storage and disposal and separate the two areas to prevent cross contamination. Also, there will need to be separate sinks for pot washing and hand-washing.
  • You may not think about it, but you should also consider whether you have enough ventilation. You may want to consult a ventilation expert because cooking and washing produce a lot of steam and moisture.

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