The myths and facts of silicone moulding

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection moulding is an incredibly versatile process; however, despite its growing use in the manufacture of consumer goods, automotive parts and medical equipment, myths persist about LSR moulding and its benefits.

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If you are considering LSR injection moulding for your next project, here is how to separate the myths from the facts.

Myth: injection moulding has limited capabilities

Injection moulding covers a wide range of materials and processes, from the simple to the technologically complex. These thermoset elastomers have excellent flexibility and can therefore be used to create thick/thin wall combinations and undercuts where other materials would prove unsuitable.

LSR moulding is a highly versatile solution and can be used to create manufacturing parts that might otherwise not have proved feasible.

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Myth: injection moulding is too expensive

In fact, silicone moulding can be extremely cost-effective thanks to the high cavitation and fast cycle times this method can produce. This is particularly true for high-output, high-volume projects when you use a company that has the depth of knowledge and expertise to make every project a success, such as A further advantage of this method of injection moulding is that it eliminates waste and the need for secondary processes such as deflashing, which can lead to additional production costs.

Whether you are interested in short run applications or mass production, LSR injection moulding is a robust and cost-effective process that can be applied to a wide range of applications.

Myth: LSR moulding needs long lead times

Another of the readily accepted myths about injection moulding is that the creation of moulds is extremely painstaking and requires repeated tool adjustments. While it is true that LSR moulds can take longer to build than conventional moulds, they are far more robust and operationally stable. These ultra-high precision moulds are required to be accurate to thousandths of a millimetre rather than hundredths, which leads to frequent optimising loops and tool adjustment operations; however, the end result is exceptionally durable, with moulds capable of being used for 10 million shots and more.

There are huge benefits to using LSR moulding for your application, as these types of projects are economically sustainable over the long term; however, it is vital that you work with an experienced manufacturer to ensure the speed, accuracy and longevity of your moulds.


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