The importance of cleaning your make up brushes

You buy quality makeup and the right tools to do the job, but do you then invest in the right brush care routine and does it even matter? Put simply, dirty make-up brushes can lead to a whole range of problems that are easily avoidable with a regular wash!

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Bacteria growth

Every time you apply your makeup, your brushes gather bacteria. Leave them for a period of time and those bacteria just keep on multiplying. One university study found that researchers couldn’t even quantify the sheer number of bacteria present on used makeup brushes after they had been left for a month.


Apply makeup with bacteria-ridden tools and you have an instant recipe for clogged pores and skin breakouts. If you are taking good care of your skin to avoid acne and other skin irritations, then make sure you extend the regular cleaning routine to your brushes. Dermatologists recommend cleaning your brushes weekly:

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Patchy application

Good makeup brushes make all the difference to a flawless finish – but only if they are clean and free from residue. If your makeup is starting to look patchy then it’s time to give brushes a thorough clean. Solutions such as the Stylpro brush cleaner from are designed to make the job easy and ensure thorough results.

Damaged brushes

Quality make-up application tools can be expensive, so don’t risk damaged fibres and broken bristles by allowing pigment and oils to build-up on your brushes.

Missing eyelashes

Ever used a gunky set of eyelash curlers only to find that they took your precious eyelashes out when you went in for the perfect curl? Mascara build-up can become gluey and leave you with the exact opposite of your intended look.


It’s a shocking fact that dirty makeup brushes could even lead to wrinkles. Why? Because bacteria stresses the precious mantle of your skin and stressed skin leads to inflammation which breaks down collagen and elastin. This means that a careless habit could be mitigating all your good work on the skincare front without you realising.

So get serious about your beauty regime and extend a little love to your brushes with a regular weekly clean and a spot clean after particularly heavy makeup application. Your skin and health will thank you for the extra attention.

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