The genuine article or an artificial tree?

With Christmas just a couple of months, a choice should be made whether to have a genuine Christmas tree or a fake one. It is a discussion that happens each year in countless homes across the country and here we will investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each sort of tree.

Having a genuine tree can bring an exquisite, traditional and lively feel into your home. A genuine pine or fir will have an unmistakable, new aroma that you simply don’t get with a fake one. There are heaps of various assortments to browse and you can get one that fits in with your stylistic theme and size of room. Trees are incredible at taking in carbon dioxide and other destructive gases from the atmosphere and discharging new oxygen into the air. In the event that sourcing trees locally and supporting neighbourhood and local businesses is something that is significant for you, at that point purchasing a genuine Christmas tree will satisfy this. You can likewise be protected in the knowledge that for each tree chopped down, others are planted, so there will consistently be a crop of evergreens.

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Real trees are also easily recycled, with many local councils offering a Christmas tree recycling period in the new year. To get your Real Christmas Tree Leicester, visit  

The drawbacks of real trees include the necessary support that real plants need to thrive, as well as being a possible increased fire risk if not managed appropriately. Unless you search out a specific sort of non-dropping tree, the steady dropping of needles onto the floor can end up tedious and awkward. They are less efficient as they won’t last longer than the season and discarding the tree can be cumbersome.

In the event that you choose to purchase a fake tree, there are a few advantages that you will take note. These trees are more financially savvy as they can be repeatedly used year on year. Fake trees are created to be fire resistant so you can relax about any flame hazard concerns. When erected, there is zero support required. The tree won’t drop any needles and can be kept up for whatever length of time that you need there. Like genuine trees, there is also an enormous amount of variety to browse.

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Nevertheless, fake trees can look phony and cheap and obviously are not especially eco-friendly, being produced using plastics and oil which are non-sustainable. There will likewise be no advantage to the neighbourhood economy as most trees are made abroad and delivered, expanding their carbon impression. A portion of the trees can be somewhat complicated to put together and obviously will need space for capacity. So, on the off chance that you have worries about the effect on the earth, a genuine tree is a far better solution for your home this Christmas.

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