The EV Is Finally Coming of Age: Here’s Why

Electric vehicles (EVs) have taken decades to get off the ground and gain momentum as a mainstream automotive solution. Their current ascent can be attributed to the fact that they are no longer severely limited by the range they can cover and the onboard features they offer.

The EV Is Finally Coming of Age

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Gone are the days when EVs were small, cramped and perilously impractical. With the rise of models like the Nissan Lead and the entire range of cars built by Tesla, EVs have finally come of age.

Range and Performance

Earlier generations of EVs were held back by a combination of sluggish speeds and poor performance over long distances. While you could pop to the shops and potter around town, an EV was not going to be suitable for longer stints on the road.

This has been addressed thanks to the development of better battery technology and the fact that modern EVs simply pack more cells than their predecessors.

The family-friendly Nissan Leaf can cover a full 124 miles from a single charge, meaning it can easily be used by people who commute to work on a daily basis, and overnight charging as well as top-ups ensure that EVs like this are even more viable for busy motorists.

When it comes to performance, meanwhile, the real leader in this respect is Tesla. With a unique four wheel drive system, its Model S is capable of reaching 60mph in just 2.8 seconds, which is quick enough to convert even the most ardent petrol head.

Tesla is expected to start making a profit this year, as well as building more cars to meet demand, which is good news for investors and EV fans alike.

This should mean that companies like which offer Leicester car leasing services will be able to improve the range of EVs they offer as more are manufactured.

Onboard Tech

The other reason that EVs have come of age recently is that they now act as a showcase for cutting edge technology that impacts other areas of the driving experience.

Autonomous capabilities are quickly becoming part of the package of features boasted by EVs, meaning that they can change lane, steer, park and adjust their speed without the driver getting involved. As a result it is easy to see why analysts predict that EVs will dominate the market.

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