The coming of the Prancing Pony.

Surely one of the most iconic brands the world has ever seen is that of Ferrari. Instantly recognisable in any part of the world this sought after marquee remains a dream for most of us. The closest we shall ever get to this fuel injected beauties is via esports. Most performance cars have fuel injection and it is something that a Injector Reconditioning Northern Ireland based firm can help you with. What is the story behind this famous car manufacturer?

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Ferrari grew out of the Alfa Romeo sports operation. They were first created in 1940 but it wasn’t until 1947 that the first Ferrari road car carrying the famous badge of the prancing pony appeared. Initially Enzo Ferrari just wanted to produce racing cars. Alfa Romeo had withdrawn their team to focus on domestic vehicles and Ferrari would run the competitive sports models.

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The first works car that Ferrari produced was the 125 S. This is a sweet little open topped car that held a powerful V12 engine under its hood. The on;y reason Enzo agreed to its production was so that it could fund his racing project. This was followed by the 166 MM Barchetta. A similar car to the 125 S and released at a time when the market was becoming more favourable Next was the sensible 250 Inter but it is in 1969 when the company was part bought by Fiat that we began to see the sports cars that we know and love today being produced. The Testarossa, the F40 and the Enzo, named in the founders honour being just a few examples of the greatness that people have come to expect.

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