The best ways to store your tools

It’s easy to end up with too many tools for a standard toolbox, especially if you enjoy carpentry or DIY. You can easily end up with a toolbox that overflows, meaning that your workspace is constantly filled with leftover tools that you can’t put away.

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This problem is more common than you may expect. The British DIY market has expanded by over 30% in the last five years, so more Brits than ever are buying and using tools.

If you’ve noticed that your tool collection is growing, here are three of the best ways to store your tools.

Use a power toolbox

A power toolbox is like a standard toolbox, but it comes with a durable step stool and much more room inside. Some power toolboxes even come with a cord reel with an extension cord, meaning that you can use your power tools from the toolbox. This is very useful, and it makes it easy for you to organise and find your tools.

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Buy a magnetic storage panel

If you have a small working space, you may want to consider buying a magnetic storage panel. These panels can be attached to the wall with ease, and then the tools are held to the wall using magnets. This takes up zero floor space, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have much space, but it is worth noting that cheaper models can normally only hold light tools, not heavy ones. Thankfully, you can also buy high strength panels – just check the product description to find out if the board can hold your heavier tools.

If you want to buy a high quality tool storage box from an online DIY store, check out gofixdirect online DIY store.

Consider a professional tool cart if you use tools frequently

A professional tool cart is the most expensive option on this list, but it is the best option for people who use their tools on a daily basis. Tool carts are normally designed for professional technicians and mechanics, but anyone can buy one online, and they give you an easy way to move all of your tools around your space. This means that you can easily bring all of your tools over to the exact spot where you are working, which is useful if you are using multiple tools.

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