The appearance of the Log cabin in films

Whilst you may think the stars are the most important part of the film sometimes the settings and the scenery are just as essential. When it comes to the film about the wild west for example; then the log cabin is usually there in a starring supporting role as the settlers set up their ranch or try and keep out marauders or angry Native Americans. There is something romantic and restful about the thought of a cabin out in the wilderness away from the hustle and bustle of society and the film makers play on that to set the scene. Perhaps you’ve thought about getting a log cabin?

There are some excellent examples of log cabins for sale NI. sell log cabins in Northern Ireland and it is worth taking a look at what they have to offer. While its thankfully not the wild west it certainly makes for a nice break away and good to know that a summer retreat is always available. Let’s have a look at how the Log cabin has featured in films. You may get to have your own On Golden Pond.

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On Golden Pond is a great film to start with. This is heartfelt tale of an adult daughter trying to rebuild a relationship with her elderly father. If features real life father and daughter Henry and Jane Fonda. This adds to film greatly but the cabin acts as the conduit to the relationship. This is the place where she spent summer family holidays. This is where her parents have come for years and years. It is a second home; the characters refer to the place as home as the loon birds call to them in the evening when they arrive. All the characters cannot help but fall in love with the place and it effects their relationships for the better.

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The Log cabin is very important in the films of the frontier or wild west. These were the first homes of the settlers looking to “manifest destiny” and forge a new life in the American west. They faced many hardships and privatiations and the Log cabin was a safe place to find a bit of peace and the safety of the family. With The cabin being made from good hard wood and thick logs it is supposed to by a symbol of that sanctity and unity. The most famous example is in the John Wayne film the Searchers. The opening and closing scenes feature a log cabin door opening to reveal John Wayne the ultimate Cowboy, on the outside of this safety and family life, he is excluded. At the end after he, and a younger man, have found the girl they are looking for and rescued her the door closes showing how he is still separate from the family.

The log cabin is sure to remain a mainstay of the film industry as was recently seen by the Quintin Tarrentino’s “Hateful Eight”

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