The 8 primary benefits of having plants in your office

Plants are pretty things to have around, but did you know they can make a big difference to your workspace too? Here are 8 reasons to bring some greenery into the office.

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1. Plants make your office a nicer place to be

Strategically placed plants around the office improve the look of the place. They also improve the environment you work in and make it more welcoming for clients. They can provide talking points for staff and visitors alike.

2. They make your office healthier

Plants aren’t just part of the office furniture but also have a function. They really can help improve the health of workers by creating cleaner air. Introducing foliage can reduce carbon dioxide in the workplace, and cut down on dust and bacteria.

3. They make things, and people, look better

As well as brightening up an office, plants can actually make workers look better. We promise we’re not making it up! Research has shown having plants around cuts dry skin by about 20% so employees will feel the benefit.

4. Plants can boost concentration levels

Another lesser known benefit of plant life is the ability to cut down on noise. They can reduce background sounds by as much as five decibels, cutting down distractions for workers.

5. They increase output

Recent research suggests bringing plants into the office makes you more productive. The team behind the study found having plants around made workers more focused. They also increased their quality of life because of the health benefits.

6. They up levels of creativity

As well as boosting productivity, plants increase creativity in the office. Their presence can provide inspiration for staff and can help to make a workspace look more uplifting. Carefully chosen plants teamed with modern office furniture featuring a splash of colour can make for a truly creative look.

7. Plants can cut stress

Given all the benefits we have already covered, it makes sense that having plants in your office will cut stress levels. When employees are happier and healthier in their work environment there is bound to be a calm atmosphere. You can also achieve this by diffusing Essential Oils from companies such as Quinessence into the office atmosphere.

  1. They reduce sick days

    With a happier, healthier and less stressed team, days off sick are also going to fall.

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