Ten Phone Calls That Have Shaped Humanity

The telephone has probably been one of the most important inventions of all time. Without it we might not have had some of the key historical moments that have shaped the paths of nations. Here are 10 of the most influential calls throughout history that have had an impact on humanity.

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The First Telephone Conversation

Our fascination with the telephone started with the first call that was made in 1876. It took place between Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the phone, and Thomas Watson, his assistant, when they spoke between two rooms.  Even when these two gentleman spoke i would imagine they would of struggled with what to say with their very first conversation.  They may of needed some communication advice and could of used the services of a Cheltenham Public Relations company.

Calling Across The Country

Initially calls could only be made short distances without the signal weakening. However, in 1915 Mr Bell and Mr Watson placed the first call to someone on the west coast of the USA from the east coast.

Crossing the Atlantic
Today we are used to receiving telesales calls from across the world, but it wasn’t until 1926 that the first call was made across the Atlantic. This has since enabled world leaders to discuss matters of importance much easier and resolve potentially explosive situations.

USA involvement in WW2

In 1941, President Roosevelt was informed of the attack on Pearl Harbour by a telephone call. This simple call marked the start of the US involvement in the war and highlighted the future global dominance of the country.

The Invention Of The Mobile Phone

Today we are used to companies calling us wherever we are. This has all been made possible by the very first mobile call, which was made in 1946. These initial models were extremely expensive and cumbersome, but they started the development process that has provided us with the advanced phones we have today.

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Resolving the Cuban Missile Crisis

You might not imagine that something as serious as the Cuban Missile Crisis could be resolved by a simple telephone call, but the process was initiated this way. In 1962, President Kennedy was called by Robert F Kennedy, the Attorney General, which brought about an end to the crisis. In the call, the President agreed to take missiles out of Turkey if the Soviet Union removed theirs from Cuba.

Emergency calls
The first 911 emergency call was placed in Alabama in 1968. Prior to this point there had been no universal number that could be used across a country.

Calling the moon

Following the successful moon landing in 1969, President Nixon even managed to speak to Neil Armstrong by telephone to congratulate the astronauts.

The Influence on Watergate

The Watergate crisis marked the downfall of President Nixon.The information for the scandal came from W. Mark Felt, an informant, who spoke to a Washington Post journalist by phone. This event has impacted on the future development of US politics.

The Response to Terrorism


The September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres in 2001 were one of the most enduring images of recent years. President George W Bush was in Florida at the time of the attacks and needed to be briefed on the phone by his National Security Advisor. These calls were what led to the US response and had a role to play in the start of the war on terrorism.

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